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T16 for newcomers

T16 is an informal group of photographers working in the South-East of England who have been together since 1997.

All are welcome, there are no fees and no rules, except an interest in photography. It is not a camera club, there is no hierarchy, and the only thing you have to do is express an interest! oh, and be friendly, encouraging and helpful to all.

Field Trips

Our goal is to get out with our cameras once a month (usually on a Saturday), to a location in the South-East of England.

Many people don't necessarily take any photos on our walks, but just (we hope) enjoy the company, the walk, the weather, the pub and the conversation.

Please don't feel that you should turn up to every field trip - or send us any photos. You'll always be welcome, however seldom we see you. When you do come, feel free to bring a friend - maybe they'll be inspired to take up photography ...

Having said that, it is a photography group, not a social club, so prolonged attendance without anything for us to see will be frowned upon.


Every quarter we meet up on a Saturday, usually for most of the day. These meetings are designed to allow us to show each other our work, and to receive friendly comments and constructive criticism. We have a strong tradition of non competition, so don't expect to be judged.

If anyone has any ideas for other meetings on specific topics or anything at all let me know.


We have held six exhibitions of our work, the first at Croydon's Fairfield Halls, in 2001.
Click here to see images from the 2001 exhibition.

The second, third and fourth were more ambitious, and were outdoor exhibitions which took place in woodland in Surrey in 2004, 2005 and 2007.
Click here to see images from the 2004 exhibition.
Click here to see images from the 2005 exhibition.
Click here to see images from the 2007 exhibition.

The woodland site was not available in 2009 so we held our show in the garden of one of our members.
Click here to see images from the 2009 exhibition.

For 2011 we decided to find a more conventional gallery format for our show, and opted for Hastings.
Click here to see images from the 2011 exhibition.

In 2013 we were able to return to our woodland location in Surrey.
Click here to see images from the 2013 exhibition.

When the time comes when we do stage another exhibition, all are welcome to contribute. The judging panel is lenient enough to allow everybody to hang at least one work of art.


If you decide to join our group:

By far the easiest way of communicating is by email, so if you know of someone who is not 'connected' please pass this on to them - there are no fees for T16 so we can't really afford to use the post or the phone except in exceptional circumstances.

That being said it is useful to have everyone's details - if only for christmas cards - so I'd be grateful if you could let me know your addresses and phone numbers, and those of your mates who are not on the email system.

If you want to stop us mailing you routinely just let us know.

How to send in work

Instructions for how best to submit your images for publication on the website can be found here. If you send the full size originals that's OK but bear in mind it may require up to one email per image if they're large.


For those of you who would like a more structured approach, we also have strong connections with the IPSE group - Independent Photography in the South East (http://www.ipse.org.uk).

IPSE is a more formal group of photographers who host stimulating masterclasses and workshops from Britain's finest photographers.

T16 Random Headers

Every time you visit the T16 site, and on every page, you'll see a randomly chosen image from the stock of headers. If you'd like to view these headers you can do so by going to the headers page, where you'll find you can search by photographer or field trip.

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